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Roman Dacia

According to archeological relics, five thousand years ago Dacians (Thracians) were able to make grape wine. One verse in the old Iliad poem (8th century BC) says: “Greek warriors went to Thracia to find wine”. Wine was the wealth, pride and main exchange commodity.

The Roman poet Ovidius (43 BC -17 AD), being exiled in these places speaks about the method of making wine concentrate by freezing, which was used by locals. Thus, ancient Dacians not only drank the wine but also ate it, keeping it in a solid state during winter time. Over time, the wine culture in this area modernized due to Greek colonists who brought in new traditions. When the Romans conquered this country (1st c. AD), they discovered here a flourishing viticulture and winemaking culture with rich traditions and therefore continued to develop the wine industry.

Wine, along with cereals was among the products with the highest export rates.

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