Armenian Brandy Golden 5 YO

Armenian Brandy Golden 5 YO

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This unique brandy with the content of gold leaf "Golden" IUCN, 5-year-old is made ​​from a blend of the best cognac Ararat valley, the age of the youngest is 4 years. It is believed that the gold-alcoholic beverage brings wealth and happiness to those who drink it. Cognac "Gold" with gold leaf becomes an exclusive gift for any celebration! 

The taste of brandy - a soft, balanced, with light-colored wood and a long, harmonious finish. More:

Cognac is the perfect digestif, goes well with coffee, desserts, fruit and chocolate. More:

  • Vintage

    5 YO 

  • Alcohol

    40 %

  • Appellation

    Ararat valley


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