Kvint VinVoyage Viorica

Kvint VinVoyage Viorica

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The unique autochthonous grape variety Viorica is grown on the picturesque slopes in Doibany village. Favorable weather conditions, abundance of sun light, use of modern technologies – contributed to the creation of this stunning wine with an ideal symphony of floral bouquet, with dominating Muscat shades.


This wine features glittering light golden color and wonderful taste.


Wine is best served chilled at temperature 10-12°C. It goes perfectly with appetizers, poultry, fish, vegetables, and desserts.
Alcohol: 11-13%


Straw yellow color with brilliant white hues towards the rim of the glass.

The nose is strong, filled mostly with floral and sweet fruits flavours: muscat grape, rose petals, acacia flower, linder flower, daffodil, yellow pear, ripe yellow apple, honeysuckle, honey melon, iris flower and some nuanced hints of candied pineapple.

The wine is dry, with high alcohol level, high acidity and rough tannin. It tastes angular, austere and quite sharp, with a nuanced rough but sweet accent. The wine feels very aromatic, floral and a bit aggressive, unbalanced, yet refreshing and appealing, with a fair overall balance between its elements.

It has a medium finish and an angular, rough but crisp aftertaste.

This is definitely a good Wine of Moldova and the overall rating says the same, with 88.5 points scored it is right there, among the best wines we’ve tasted so far. 

Conclusion: this is a wine that has just passed over its peak form, definitely ready to drink now and not worth of any more bottle ageing, as it feels angular and sharp, yet lean and appealing overall. It seems that this is a quite aromatic wine, one that lacks just a bit of harmony and balance. In order to smoothen its sharp edges and amplify the aromatics, we would recommend pairing this wine with fat-rich seafood dishes, like for example sushi/sashimi or some lemon-dressed oysters.



WineStatistics tasting results:

Viorica | #

grape: | viorica |

region: Moldova | Codru

overall rating: | 88.5