Noyan Tapan Areni

Noyan Tapan Areni

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Noyan Tapan Areni Select Armenian wine is among the most popular export products of the Republic of Armenia which is considered to be one of the oldest wine-producing countries of the world. If you have visited Armenia and had the opportunity to taste Armenian wine, then we are sure you will never forget its wonderful taste.

Areni (Armenian indigeneous grape) is a wine grape used in the process of red wine making. This wine typically appears light to medium ruby in the glass, with a smell of mulberry and huckleberries. Thanks to the strong acidic content of this wine, the strong huckleberry & mulberry flavors give a bright juicy flavour. This wine also has faint tannins in the background along with peppery notes which tend to linger in the mouth at the end, adding a great finish to the wine.

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    Ararat valley

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