Vinohora Rara Neagra & Malbec

Vinohora Rara Neagra & Malbec

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Vinohora Collection – a limited edition of Purcari wines, marries the indigenous varieties of Moldova and international classic varieties.

Vinohora in Red is the expression of local spirit and the international harmony, united in a Moldovan-Argentine wine dance. Its unique character is transposed by a combination of the native variety Rara Neagră and the classic Malbec from Argentina.

The delicate flavor combines notes of dried fruits and vanilla, followed by emotional accents of cherry, black plum, and chocolate.

Dishes of beef and spicy cheese.

Recommended serving temperature: +18…+20 °С.


  • Vintage


  • Alcohol


  • Appellation

    Stefan Voda

  • Grape Varietals

    51% Rara Neagră, 49% Malbec


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